Advanced Skin Cancer. A Case-Based Approach


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Advanced skin cancer is one that has already metastasized beyond its primary origin, or one that has invaded underlying tissues such that surgical resection either is technically impossible or would lead to an unacceptable functional or cosmetic outcome. These skin cancers present a complex problem that requires the input of multiple specialties to delineate the best management plan. National guidelines utilize the best available data to guide management decisions. However, there is considerable leeway within the guidelines, enabling the ultimate care decision to be molded to best fit each individual patient. This book aims to provide instructional examples of patient cases where the input of the multidisciplinary team is critical in providing the most suitable care plan for the patient.

Melanoma * Squamous Cell Carcinoma * Basal Cell Carcinoma * Cutaneous Lymphoma * Kaposi’s Sarcoma * Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans * Merkel Cell Carcinoma * Rare Cancer Presentations


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