Atlas of Extreme Facial Cancer


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Autor: Burton, I
Edición: 1
Páginas: 440
Año edición: JUNIO/ 2022


1. The Skin Cancer Epidemic
2. Cancer Stem Cells in Head and Neck

3. Head and Neck Pathology: Practical Points to Ponder
4. Applied Facial Anatomy
5. The Team Approach in Cancer Care
6. The Burden of Facial Deformity
7. Pedicled Versus Free Flaps
8. The Novel Expanded Forehead Flap
9. Keystone Flap Concepts
10. Basal Cell Carcinoma: A Surgical Enigma
11. Scalp and Forehead Cancer
12. Extreme Cancer of the Periorbital Region
13. Nose and Ear Cancer
14. Cheek and Perioral Cancer
15. Palliative Surgery
16. Metastatic Cancer to the Parotid Region
17. Modern Maxillofacial Rehabilitation
18. Perioperative and Anaesthetic Care in Head and Neck Cancer Surgery
19. Assessment of Function Post-Cancer
20. Modern Morphing Technology in Facial Reconstruction

This book shares an expert experience in managing difficult facial skin cancer and presents rare cases from the authors’s own practice.

The content follows an anatomical approach based on the complex and often staged reconstruction of extreme facial skin cancer. Written in a clear and logical format, it is intended as a guideline atlas and surgical handbook, defining the principles of CLEAR (Complete Local Excision of the cancer + Aesthetic Reconstruction) and DRAPE (Delayed Reconstruction After Pathological Examination) for reconstructing the face. The book incorporates a wealth of multi-disciplinary knowledge from surgeons, anaesthetists, research scientists, speech / swallowing therapists, pathologists, radiologists and prosthetic rehabilitation specialists.

The surgical techniques presented here require a high degree of expertise. Accordingly, the book will be of interest to professionals in the fields of Plastic and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, as well as Dermatology.


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