Challenging Cases In Pediatric Cardiology


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Part 1: Pediatric Cardiology in the Office
1 Refractory Supraventricular Tachycardia and Hypotension
2 Cyanosis Without a Murmur
3 An Enlarged Cardiac Silhouette on Chest Radiograph
4 Unexplained Tachycardia
5 An Adolescent with Stomach Pain
6 Family History of Sudden Death
7 Tachypnea in a 6-week-old Infant
8 Cyanosis in a 4-year-old Male
9 Fainting in an Adolescent at School
10 A New Murmur and Rash
11 Chest Pain with Exercise
12 An Athlete with a Murmur
13 Syncope During a Basketball Game
14 Sports Participation in a Child after Heart Surgery
15 An Abnormal Echocardiogram in an Athlete

Part 2: Pediatric Cardiology in the Nursery
16 Cyanosis in a Newborn
17 A Loud Murmur in an Asymptomatic Infant
18 Cardiogenic Shock in a 2-day-old
19 Tachycardia with Fetal Hydrops
20 Small Heart with ‘White Out’ on Chest Radiograph
21 Tachypnea and Poor Pulses

Part 3: Pediatric Cardiology in the Emergency Department
22 Cardiac Arrest in an Adolescent
23 Syncope in an Adolescent
24 Recurrent Seizures and a Family History of Sudden Death
25 Increasing Shortness of Breath with Exercise
26 Cardiac Failure and Abnormal ECG in an Infant
27 Syncope and Exercise Intolerance in an Adolescent Female
28 Fainting and Bradycardia
29 A Toddler with Failure to Thrive, Hypotonia and Murmur

Part 4: Pediatric Cardiology in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
30 Hemiplegia in a 17-Year-Old Athlete
31 Dysmorphic Infant with Stridor
32 Wide QRS Tachycardia and Heart Failure
33 Fever and Acute Onset of Shortness of Breath
34 Failure to Thrive in Infant with No Murmur
35 Wheezing and Recurrent Pneumonia


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