Core Topics in Cardiac Anaesthesia


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Part I. Routine Cardiac Surgery:
1. Basic principles of cardiac surgery P. Bosco and S. A. M. Nashef
2. Symptoms and signs of cardiac disease J. E. Arrowsmith
3. Diagnostic techniques A. Awwad and S. B. Agarwal
4. Conduct of anaesthesia A. I. Gardner
5. Principles of cardiopulmonary bypass T. Coulson and F. Falter
6. Weaning from cardiopulmonary bypass S. Anderson
7. Routine early postoperative care B. Parizkova and A. Page
8. Common postoperative complications J. E. Arrowsmith and J. H. MacKay

Part II. Anaesthesia for Specific Procedures:
9. Aortic valve surgery P. Catarino and J. E. Arrowsmith
10. Mitral valve surgery J. H. Mackay and F. C. Wells
11. Tricuspid and pulmonary valve surgery Y. Abu Omar and J. Irons
12. Minimally invasive and off-pump cardiac surgery B. Gibbison
13. Thoracic aortic surgery S. Agarwal and A. C. Knowles
14. Surgery for cardiomyopathy and pericardial disease J. Brand and F. Falter
15. Surgery for pulmonary vascular disease C. Y. Ng and A. J. Roscoe
16. Ventricular assist device implantation N. J. Lees
17. Heart transplantation L. F. Van Der Merwe and A. D. Ashworth

Part III. Cardiac Catheter Laboratory Procedures:
18. Electrophysiological procedures J. E. Arrowsmith
19. Procedures for structural heart disease C. G. Densem and A. A. Klein

Part IV. Paediatric Cardiac Surgery:
20. General principles and conduct of paediatric cardiac anaesthesia I. Walker and J. Smith
21. Common congenital heart lesions and procedures D. J. Barron and K. P. Morris
22. Postoperative paediatric care J. V. Cassidy
23. Adult congenital heart disease C. R. Bailey and D. D. L. Wong

Part V. Cardiopulmonary Bypass:

24. Temperature management and deep hypothermic arrest C. W. Hogue and J. E. Arrowsmith
25. The effects of cardiopulmonary bypass on drug pharmacology B. Mets
26. Controversies in cardiopulmonary bypass W. Tosh and C. Burt
27. Cardiopulmonary bypass emergencies D. Daly
28. Non-cardiac applications of cardiopulmonary bypass J. E. Arrowsmith and J. H. Mackay
29. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation S. Colah

Part VI. Advanced Monitoring:

30. Cardiovascular monitoring A. Suarez and J. B. Mark
31. Neurological monitoring H. Grocott and B. Gregson

Part VII. Transoesophageal Echocardiography:

32. Comprehensive TOE examination A. J. Roscoe and J. Swanevelder
33. Assessment of ventricular function A. J. Roscoe and L. F. Miles
34. Assessment of valvular heart disease M. Meineri and A. J. Roscoe
35. TOE for miscellaneous conditions A. J. Roscoe

Part VIII. Miscellaneous Topics:
36. Haematology M. Besser and K. M. P. Salaunkey
37. Cardiac surgery during pregnancy S. J. M Law and S. E. Round
38. Regional anaesthesia T. W. R. Lee
39. Pain management after cardiac surgery S. I. Jaggar and H. C. Laycock
40. Infection H. McCormick and J. A. Troughton



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