DISAIA and CREASMAN. Clinical Gynecologic Oncology


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1) Pre Invasive Disease of the Cervix a. Stu Massad

2) Pre Invasive Disease of the Vagina and Vulva and related disorders a. Cara Matthews and Joan Walker

3) Invasive Cervical Cancer a. Krish Tewari and Brad Monk

4) Endometrial Hyperplasia, Estrogen Therapy, and the Prevention of Endometrial Cancer a. Lisa Landrum and Rosemary Zuna and Joan Walker

5) Adenocarcinoma of the Uterine Corpus a. William Creasman and David Scott Miller

6) Sarcoma of the Uterus a. Scott McMeeken and William Creasman

7) Gestational Trophoblastic Disease a. Emma Barber and John Soper

8) Invasive Cancer of Vulva a. Thomas Herzog

9) Invasive Cancer of the Vagina a. Marilyn Huang, Brian Slomovitz and Rob Coleman

10) Adnexal Masses a. Camille Gunderson and Robert Mannel

11) Epithelial Ovarian Cancer a. Eric Eisenhauer, Ritu Salani and Larry Copeland

12) Germ Cell, Stromal and other ovarian tumors a. Emily Pennock, Chad Hamilton, Larr Maxwell and Charlotte Marcus

13) Fallopian tube cancer a. Eric Hope, G Larry Maxwell, and Chad Hamilton

14) Breast Diseases a. Patricia Cronin and Mary Gemignani

15) Cancer in Pregnancy a. Krish Tewari

16) Complications of Disease and Therapy a. Kemi Doll and Dan Clarkepearson

17) Basic Principles of Chemotherapy a. Christina Chu and Steve Rubin

18) Targeted therapy and Molecular Genetics a. Shannon Westin, Anil Sood and Rob Coleman

19) Genes and Cancer: Genetic Counselling and Clinical Management a. David Mutch, Sheri Babb and Phil Disaia

20) Palliative Care and Quality of Life a. Dana Chase, Siu-Fun Wong, Lari Wenzel and Brad Monk

21) Role of Minimally Invasive surgery in Gynecologic Malignancies a. Floor Backes, David Cohn, Robert Mannel and Jeff Fowler

22) Epidemiology of Commonly Used Statistical Terms and Analysis of Clinical Studies a. Wendy Brewster

23) Basic Principles in Gynecologic Radiotherapy a. Catheryn Yashar Appendix

A: Staging: Staging of Cancer at Gynecologic Sites a) Mutch

B: Modified from Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse events (common terminology criteria for adverse events).

C: Blood component therapy

D: Suggested recommendations for routine cancer screening

E: Nutritional Therapy: Index


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