Gambling Disorder. A Clinical Guide to Treatment


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Año edición: 2022
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Gambling Disorder: A Clinical Guide to Treatment is a systematic, eloquent, and exhaustive examination of the etiology, psychopathology, neurobiology, and treatment of the disorder, which was reclassified for DSM-5. Building on its 2004 predecessor, Pathological Gambling, which was groundbreaking for its era, the second edition has been thoroughly restructured and is designed to prepare clinicians to diagnose, treat, and—most important of all—understand their patients with the disorder. More common than previously supposed, gambling disorder is associated with decreased self-esteem, comorbid substance use disorders, financial and legal difficulties, relationship and family stress, and suicidality. Yet, many clinicians are unaware of the personal and social consequences of this disorder, as well as its implications for public health. Accordingly, the book provides a detailed look at the effects of gambling on societal, familial, and individual health and well-being and prepares clinicians to accurately assess their patients and provide effective treatments. As befits a field that has been the recent focus of so much innovative and promising research, the new edition boasts a fresh roster of contributors, each of whom bring special insight to their areas of expertise.


  • Chapter 1. Epidemiology: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Chapter 2. Clinical Characteristics
  • Chapter 3. Older Adults
  • Chapter 4. Gender Differences
  • Chapter 5. Online Gambling and Gambling-Gaming Convergence
  • Chapter 6. Legal and Forensic Issues
  • Chapter 7. Cognitive and Behavioral Underpinnings
  • Chapter 8. Neurobiology
  • Chapter 9. Screening and Assessment Instruments
  • Chapter 10. Understanding Youth Gambling Problems: Prevention and Treatment Strategies
  • Chapter 11. Psychosocial Treatments
  • Chapter 12. Pharmacological Treatments
  • Appendix A: DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria for Gambling Disorder
  • Appendix B: Early Intervention Gambling Health Test (EIGHT)
  • Appendix C: Gambling Symptom Assessment Scale (G-SAS)
  • Appendix D: South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS)
  • Appendix E: Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale Modified for Pathological Gambling (PG-YBOCS)
  • Index


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