Hip Arthroscopy and Hip Joint Preservation Surgery


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Autor: Nho, S.
Edición: 2
Páginas: 1913
Año edición: OCTUBRE 2022
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This book covers the basics of hip pathology, anatomy, biomechanics, pathology and treatment, offering both up-to-date research and expert advice. Provides detailed information on each disease topic, followed by technique-driven chapters on hip procedures.

The field of hip preservation surgery has evolved over the past decade as our understanding of hip pathomechanics and pathomorphology has expanded. The published literature on non-arthritic hip pathology, for example, has grown exponentially. The topics of controversy in the past decade have been answered in some cases, but new questions have also arisen.
In addition to the 99 chapters in the original edition – most of which will be retained and updated as applicable – there will be over 30 brand new chapters focusing on new and more sophisticated techniques from authors that have been the pioneers of the field.


The text is divided into nine thematic sections, covering the breadth of the topic and the current state of the art: basic science of the hip; operative basics for hip arthroscopy and open hip preservation surgery; pediatric hip conditions; approaches to disorders of the hip and pelvis; enthesopathy and neuromuscular disorders; hip fractures and instability; avascular necrosis; hip cartilage restoration; and oncologic conditions. Throughout, there is a heavy emphasis on surgical techniques, and video clips will be included in selected chapters.
Written by edited by thought leaders and seasoned practitioners in the field, this new edition of Hip Arthroscopy and Hip Joint Preservation Surgery will remain the gold standard for orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists, expanding on the range of techniques available to clinicians treating injuries to and disorders of the hip.
Hip Basic Science.- Operative Basics for Hip Arthroscopy and Open Hip Preservation Surgery.- Pediatric Hip Conditions.- Approach to Hip and Pelvis Disorders.- Enthesopathy and Neuromuscular Disorders.- Hip Instability and Fractures.- Avascular Necrosis.- Hip Cartilage Restoration.- Oncologic Conditions


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