Liver Disease in Children


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Section 1. Pathophysiology of Pediatric Liver Disease: 1. Liver development; 2. Functional development of the liver; 3. Mechanisms of bile formation and the pathogenesis of cholestasis; 4. Acute liver failure in children; 5. Cirrhosis and chronic liver failure in children; 6. Portal Hypertension in children; 7. Laboratory assessment of liver function and injury in children; Section 2. Cholestatic Liver Disease: 8. Approach to the infant with cholestasis; 9. Medical and nutritional management of cholestasis in infants and children; 10. Neonatal hepatitis and congenital infections; 11. Biliary atresia and other disorders of the extrahepatic bile ducts; 12. Neonatal jaundice and disorders of bilirubin metabolism; 13. Familial hepatocellular cholestasis; 14. Alagille Syndrome; 15. Intestinal failure associated liver disease; 16. Diseases of the gallbladder in infancy, childhood, and adolescence; Section 3. Hepatitis and Immune Disorders: 17. Hepatitis A and hepatitis E virus in children; 18. Hepatitis B virus infection in children; 19. Hepatitis C virus infection in children; 20. Autoimmune hepatitis in children; 21. Sclerosing cholangitis in children; 22. Drug-induced liver disease in children; 23. Liver disease in immunodeficiencies in children; Section 4. Metabolic Liver Disease: 24. Laboratory diagnosis of inborn errors of liver metabolism; 25. 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency; 26. Cystic fibrosis liver disease in children; 27. Inborn errors of carbohydrate metabolism; 28. Copper metabolism and copper storage disorders in children; 29. Iron storage disorders in children; 30. Heme biosynthesis and the porphyrias in children; 31. Tyrosinemia in children; 32. Lysosomal storage disorders in children; 33. Disorders of bile acid synthesis and metabolism in children; 34. Inborn errors of fatty acid oxidation; 35. Mitochondrial hepatopathies; 36. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in children; 37. Peroxisomal disorders in children; 38. Urea cycle disorders in children; Section 5. Other Considerations and Issues in Pediatric Hepatology: 39. Bacterial, parasitic, and fungal infections of the liver in children; 40. Systemic disease and the liver in children; 41. Fibrocystic liver disease in children; 42. Tumors of the liver in children; 43. Liver transplantation in children: indications and surgical aspects; 44. Liver transplantation in children: post-transplant care.


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