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Table of Contents

1: The epidemiology and burden of mental disorders in primary care, Bernd Puschner, Markus Kösters, Lea Bouché, and Stefan Weinmann
2: Across the spectrum: strategies to improve recognition and treatment of mental disorders in primary care, Victoria J Palmer and Robert Whitley
3: Collaborative care models for the management of mental disorders in primary care, Christina van der Feltz- Cornelis, Harm van Marwijk, and Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen
4: Operationalising patient-centredness to enhance recovery and primary care for mental disorders., John Furler, Victoria J Palmer, and Jane Gunn
5: Neurobiological aspects of mental disorders, Valdimir Maletic and Bernadette DeMuri
6: The DSM-5: what should general practitioners know?, Joel Paris
7: Anxiety disorders in primary care, Markus Dold and Siegfried Kasper
8: ADHD across the lifespan, David W. Goodman
9: Trauma and stressor-related disorders, Andrea Feijo Mello and Mary Sau Ling Yeh
10: Depressive disorders, Andrea Fagiolini, Giovanni Amodeo and Giuseppe Maina
11: Bipolar disorder, Paulo R. Nunes Neto, Cristiano A. Köhler, Michael Berk, André F. Carvalho
12: Suicide and suicidal behaviour, Erkki Isometsä
13: Somatic symptom and related disorders, Alexandra Murray, Anne Toussaint, and Bernd Löwe
14: Substance use disorders in primary care settings, Kathleen Broad and Tony P. George
15: Motivational interviewing: its role for the management of mental disorders in primary care, Jeffrey P. Haibach, Elizabeth A Dinapoli, Deborah S Finnell, John W Kasckow, and Adam J Gordon
16: Psychosis, Jayashri Kulkarni, Emorfia Gavrilidis, Shainal Nathoo, and Jasmin Grigg
17: Late-life depression, Fabian Fußer, Tarik Karakaya, and Johannes Pantel
18: Psychotherapeutic interventions, Fiammetta Cosci and Giovanni Andrea Fava
19: Major depressive disorder: how to evaluate and manage patients with psychiatric and medical comorbidities?, Sheng-Min Wang and Chi-Un Pae
20: Untoward side effects of psychiatric drugs, Manu S Sharma, Ives Cavalcante Passos, André F. Carvalho
21: Drug interactions involving psychotropic drugs, Subramoniam Madhusoodanan,Marina Tsoy-Podosenin, Leah R. Steinberg, and Nitin Tandan


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