Neuroscience. Fundamentals for Rehabilitation


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Table of Contents:
1 Introduction to Neuroscience
Part 1 Overview of Neurology
2 Neuroanatomy
3 Neurologic Disorders and the Neurologic
4 Neuroimaging and Neuroanatomy
Part 2 Neuroscience at the Cellular Level
5 Physical and Electrical Properties of Cells in
the Nervous System
6 Neural Communication: Synaptic and
Extrasynaptic Transmission
7 Neuroplasticity
Part 3 Development of the Nervous System
8 Development of the Nervous System
Part 4 Vertical Systems
9 Autonomic Nervous System
10 Peripheral Somatosensory System
11 Central Somatosensory System
12 Pain as a Disease and as a Symptom, 182
13 Motor System: Lower Motor Neurons and
14 Motor System: Upper Motor Neurons, 224
15 Motor, Cognitive, and Emotion Systems:
The Cerebellum
16 Motor and Psychologic Functions: Basal
17 Control of Movement
Part 5 Regions
18 Peripheral Region
19 Spinal Region
20 Cranial Nerves
21 Brainstem Region
22 Visual System
23 Vestibular System
24 Dizziness and Unsteadiness
25 Cerebrospinal Fluid System
26 Blood Supply, Stroke, Fluid Dynamics, and
Intracranial Pressure
27 Cerebrum
28 Memory, Consciousness, and Intellect
29 Behavior, Emotions, Decision Making,
Personality: Prefrontal Cortex and Temporal
30 Communication, Directing Attention,
and Spatial Cognition: Temporoparietal
Association Cortex and Inferior Frontal
Part 6 Neurologic Tests
31 Neurologic Tests


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