Orthodontic Aligner Treatment


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Section 1: Introduction: Types and Material Properties
Chapter 1: Aligner Treatment: An Overview
Chapter 2: Material Properties of Aligners
Section 2: Clinical Management
Chapter 3: Early Treatment in Preteens and Teenagers Using Aligners
Chapter 4: Teen Treatments with Aligners
Chapter 5: Routine Mechanics and Aligner Treatment (Extraction/Nonextraction)
Chapter 6: Precautions with Aligner Treatment
Chapter 7: Clear Plastic Appliances as Retainers
Chapter 8: Digital Workflow in Aligner Therapy
Section 3: Evidence
Chapter 9: Outcome Assessment and Evidence on the Clinical Performance of Orthodontic Aligners
Chapter 10: Forces and Moments Generated by Aligner-Type Appliances for Orthodontic Tooth Movement
Chapter 11: Aligners and the Oral Microbiome
Chapter 12: Intraoral Aging and Changes on Aligner Mechanical Properties
Chapter 13: Aligner and Retainer Color Changes during Intraoral Service
Chapter 14: Biological Properties of Aligners
Chapter 15: Aligner Treatment from the Patient Perspective


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