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Table of Contents

What is heart failure?
1. What is heart failure?, Andrew L. Clark
2. Heart failure syndromes, Andrew L. Clark
3. The epidemiology of heart failure, Theresa A. McDonagh and Kaushik Guha
The aetiology of heart failure
4. The classical causes of heart failure, Colette E. Jackson and Roy S. Gardner
5. The genetics of heart failure, Giuseppe Limongelli and Perry M. Elliott
6. Metabolic heart failure, Stanley H. Korman and Andre Keren
7. Aetiology of congenital heart disease, L. Swan
8. Infective and infiltrative causes of heart failure, Roy S. Gardner and Andrew L. Clark
9. Iatrogenic heart failure, Martin Denvir
Pathophysiology of heart failure: cellular and molecular changes
10. Intracellular calcium handling in heart failure, Godfrey Smith and Rachel Myles
11. Myocardial energetics, Peter H. Sugden and Stephen J. Fuller
12. The failing cardiomyocyte, Alex Lyon
Pathophysiology of heart failure: systolic dysfunction
13. The pathophysiology of heart failure, Theresa A. McDonagh and Henry J. Dargie
Neurohormonal adaptations
14. Cardiac natriuretic peptides and heart failure, Theresa A. McDonagh
15. Vasopressin, Ben Szwejkowski, Sushma Rekhraj, and Allan Struthers
16. Cytokines and infl ammatory markers, Stamatis Adamopoulos, Panagiota Georgiadou, and Vassilios Voudris
The diagnosis of heart failure
17. Diagnosing heart failure
Noninvasive investigation
18. Basic investigation of heart failure, Roy S. Gardner
19. Echocardiography, Alison Duncan
20. Nuclear medicine in heart failure, Pushan Bharadwaj and S. Richard Underwood
21. Heart failure imaged by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, C. Parsai and S.K. Prasad
22. CT imaging techniques, Joanne D. Schuijf, Laurens F. Tops, and Jeroen J. Bax
23. Metabolic exercise testing in chronic heart failure, Klaus K. Witte
Invasive investigation
24. Invasive investigation, Roy S. Gardner
25. Prognostication, Roy S. Gardner
26. Diastolic heart failure, Andrew L. Clark
27. Right heart failure, Andrew L. Clark
28. The patient with heart failure and anaemia, Peter van der Meer and Dirk J. van Veldhuisen
29. The patient with heart failure and renal dysfunction, Darren Green and Philip A. Kalra
30. The patient with heart failure and chronic lung disease, Mike Greenstone
31. Pulmonary hypertension in left heart disease, T.J. Corte and S.J. Wort
32. Heart failure and diabetes mellitus, Andrew Jamieson
33. The patient with valvular heart disease and heart failure, Gregory Ducroq, Bernard Iung, and Alec Vahanian
34. The patient with heart failure and sleep-disordered breathing, Anita K. Simonds
35. Heart failure and arthritis, Nicola L. Walker and Anne McEntegart
36. The patient with heart failure and arrhythmias, Ashley Nisbet and Derek Connelly
Medical therapy for chronic heart failure
37. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and vasodilators, Iain Squire and Andrew L. Clark
38. ? -Adrenoreceptor antagonists and heart failure, Henry J. Dargie and Desmond Fitzgerald
39. Aldosterone antagonists, Sushma Rekhraj, Ben Szwejkowski, and Allan Struthers
40. Angiotensin receptor blockers, John McMurray
41. Therapeutic control of fl uid balance in chronic heart failure, Andrew L. Clark, Alison P. Coletta, and John G.F. Cleland
42. Digoxin, Andrew J.S. Coats
43. Antithrombotic agents, John G.F. Cleland, Azam Torabi, Jufen Zhang, and Raj K. Chelliah
Medical therapy for acute heart failure
44. Inotropes, pressors, and vasodilators, Susanna Price
Nonpharmacological management
45. Cardiac rehabilitation and chronic heart failure, Massimo F. Piepoli and Andrew L. Clark
46. Nonpharmacological management, Lynda Blue and Yvonne Millerick
Device therapy for heart failure
47. Implantable cardioverter-defi brillators in heart failure, Rachel Myles and Derek Connelly
48. Cardiac resynchronization therapy, Badrinathan Chandrasekaran and Peter J. Cowburn
Surgical therapy for heart failure
49. Heart transplantation, Nicholas R. Banner, Andre R. Simon, and Margaret M. Burke
50. Revascularization and remodelling surgery, John R. Pepper
51. Ventricular assist devices, including intra-aortic balloon pumps, Emma J. Birks and Mark Slaughter
52. Mitral valve surgery in heart failure, Andrew Murday
Ventilatory strategies in heart failure
53. Ventilatory strategies in acute heart failure, Mhamed Mebazaa and Alexandre Mebazaa
Disease management
54. Multidisciplinary heart failure management programmes, Suzanna Hardman
55. End of life, Miriam Johnson
56. Monitoring, Jillian P. Riley and Martin R. Cowie
Future therapies
57. The future, Andrew L. Clark, Henry J. Dargie, Roy S. Gardner, and Theresa A. McDonagh


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