Peripheral Lymphedema


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Part 1 Overview of lymphatic system 1 Physiology of lymphatic system (physiology of capillary filtrate flow to lymphatics) 2 Anatomy of lymphatic system 3 Formation and transport of lymph 4 Function of the lymphatic system Part 2 Lymphedema 5 Introduction 6 Etiology of primary lymphedema 7 secondary lymphedema of different types 8 Stage of lymphedema Part 3 Pathogenesis of lymphatic system in lymphedema 9 Changes in lymphatic vessels in primary lymphedema 10 Changes in lymph node in primary lymphedema 11 Pathology of collecting lymph vessels in secondary lymphedema 12 Pathology of the initial lymph vessels in lymphedematous skin 13 Co-malformations of venous and lymphatic vessels in primary lymphedema Part 4 Pathology of lymphedematous tissue 14 Lymphedema fluid 15 Inflammation 16 Tissue overgrowth in lymphedema Part 5 Diagnosis of lymphedema – Assistant in diagnosis 17 Clinical diagnosis and differential diagnosis 18 MR lymphangiography (MRL) 19 Nuclear Medicine imaging in the diagnosis of Peripheral lymphedema – Lymphoscintigraphy 20 Indocyanine green lymphography 21 Nuclear Medicine imaging in the diagnosis of Peripheral lymphedema – Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography/Computed Tomography(SPECT/CT) 22 Comparison of current imaging methods in diagnosis of peripheral lymphedema Part 6 Treatment of lymphedema – conservative treatment 23 Compression Therapy 24 Complex Physical Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema (CDT) 25 Far infrared radiation thermotherapy Part 7 Treatment of lymphedema – Surgical treatment 26 Suction Assisted Lipectomy with simultaneous skin excision for lymphedema 27 Microsurgery – Vascularized Lymph Vessel Transfer 28 Microsurgery – Lymphaticovenular anastomosis for the treatment of lymphedema 29 Microsurgery – Lymph node/flap transplantation 30 Microsurgery – Lymphatic Tissue Transfer for the Treatment of Axillary Dissection Related Lymphedema 31 Silicone tube implantation 32 Liposuction Part 8 Curative effect assessment 33 Circumference measurement 34 Bioelectrical impedance analysis 35 Skin fibrometer and Lymph Scanner Part 9 Lymphedema in children 36 Lymphedema in childhood Part 10 Prevention of tumor treatment related lymphedema 37 Prevention of lymphedema after breast cancer surgery 38 Prevention of pelvic malignancies and related lymphedema


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