Protein and Sugar Export and Assembly in Gram-positive Bacteria


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Autor: BAGNOLI, F.
Edición: 1
Páginas: 337
Año edición: 2017
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  • Provides the first comprehensive overview of protein mechanisms in Gram-positive bacteria
  • Broadens readers’ understanding of S-layers and related proteins
  • Enriches readers’ grasp of protein secretion biotechnology

This book focuses on the envelope of Gram-positive bacteria including its composition, the latest discoveries in the mechanisms behind its assembly, and its role in pathogenesis. Furthermore, new applications in biotechnology and vaccine development involving these bacteria are discussed in detail. This concise volume consists of eleven chapters by prominent experts in the field, which review the latest findings and current state of knowledge on a range of diverse yet interlinked aspects. This book is written for all researchers, clinicians and technicians engaged in basic or applied science projects on Gram-positive bacteria.


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