Recovery and Major Mental Disorders


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Autor: Carpiniello, B
Edición: 1
Páginas: 254
Año edición: JULIO/ 2022
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The book provides a clear and comprehensive description of both personal and clinical recovery in severe mental disorders, including schizophrenia and related disorders, and mood disorders such as major depression and bipolar disorders. Divided into two main parts: recovery in schizophrenia and related disorders, and recovery in mood disorders, it offers a broad overview of the factors associated with better or worse outcomes in terms of recovery, as well as the rates (how many people affected by mental disorders may gain recovery), and the time course (how long people affected by mental disorders take to recover) of recovery. It also discusses in detail the pharmacological and psychosocial interventions that can be considered recovery-oriented. Covering the main aspects of recovery in major mental disorders, the book is intended for professionals, scholars, students and anyone interested in mental health.


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