Remediation of /r/ for Speech-Language Pathologists


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Autor: Flipsen Jr,, P
Editor: Plural Publishing Inc
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Páginas: 228
Año edición: 2021
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Treating older children and adolescents who have difficulty correctly producing /r/ sounds remains an ongoing source of frustration for many clinicians. The new professional resource Remediation of /r/ for Speech-Language Pathologists provides the most up-to-date information on the current understanding of /r/ and the related errors, along with a range of treatment options, to offer a comprehensive tool for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) treating this complex issue.

In addition to a discussion of traditional articulation therapy and ways to improve the administration of this technique, this practical text offers a detailed review and explanation of several very promising alternative approaches. Written in what has been described as Dr. Flipsen’s «folksy» style, this text is designed for the busy clinician.

The first five chapters of Remediation of /r/ for Speech-Language Pathologists delve into the basic information needed to treat /r/. The next six chapters each tackle a specific treatment option. The treatment section begins with a re-examination of traditional articulation therapy and uses research evidence to help clinicians to fine-tune its application. It then progresses to discussing more significant modifications to traditional therapy and introduces several newer approaches to modifying the feedback being provided to the client. For each treatment option, the author presents a solid rationale and the latest evidence, along with practical strategies for their implementation. The final chapter discusses methods for deciding which remediation method to choose when working with /r/ errors.


Preface: A Visit with the Rhotacist

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Typical Production of American English /r/
Chapter 3. When to Intervene
Chapter 4. Assessment of /r/
Chapter 5. Remediation Principles
Chapter 6. Treatment Option #1: Fine-Tuning Traditional Articulation Therapy
Chapter 7. Treatment Option #2: Modifying Traditional Articulation Therapy
Chapter 8. Treatment Option #3: Adding Supplemental Tactile Feedback
Chapter 9. Treatment Option #4: Adding Visual Feedback via Electropalatography
Chapter 10. Treatment Option #5: Adding Visual Acoustic Feedback
Chapter 11. Treatment Option #6: Adding Visual Feedback via Ultrasound
Chapter 12. Concluding Remarks: Deciding What to Do



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