Technological Addictions


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Año edición: 2022
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Technological Addictions is a wakeup call alerting the medical community—and society at large—to the addictive potential of technology and to technological addictions as legitimate psychiatric conditions worthy of medical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. No other book tackles these addictions, individually and collectively, contextualizing them for both mental health professionals and the interested public. Petros Levounis, an authority on addiction who’s been an early voice on the intersection of addiction and technology, and James Sherer are uniquely well-suited to the task, and they have recruited an impressive list of contributors who write thoughtfully, eloquently, and authoritatively on their respective topics. The 10 chapters address the different kinds of technological addiction, as well as how they manifest and impact particular populations. Core to this discussion is the fine line between addictive and nonpathological use. After all, technology makes modern life possible, so assessing whether patients have crossed that line is not an easy task.


  • Chapter 1. Video Games: From Harmless Pastime to Internet Gaming Disorder
  • Chapter 2. Cybersex and Online Pornography: Hacking the Human Sex Drive
  • Chapter 3. Internet Gambling: An Old Behavior in a New Age
  • Chapter 4. Texting, Emailing, and Other Online Messaging: When Does a Communication Tool Become a Burden?
  • Chapter 5. Internet Surfing and Information Overload
  • Chapter 6. Social Media: The Self vs. the Selfie
  • Chapter 7. Online Shopping and Auctions: The Ease and Sleaze
  • Chapter 8. Children and Adolescents: Codependence Between Youth and Tech
  • Chapter 9. Special Considerations for Older Adults
  • Chapter 10. New and Emerging Addictive Technologies: Where Do We Go From Here?



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